Society and Culture going down day by day due to western culture influence in our state!


Society and Culture going down day by day due to western culture influence in our state. In all community including muslims. Example below.

Boys Side Credentials

1. A big steal industry only son muslim.

2. Father is a philanthropist and Noble Marine Businessman

3. Boy’s sister married to good muslim family

4. Boy well educated

5. Boy family searching girl for him past three years in Tamilnadu.

Girl Side Credentials

1. Girl’s family lite roofing busimess muslim, well educated.

2. Girl’s Maternal uncle is married to Brahmin woman.

3.Girl’s Maternal uncle going to get diversed in two months.

4.Girl’s Maternal uncle first son marrried twice and got diversed. Now, he is living with a hindu girl

5. Girl’s first cousine ran away from chennai with RSS leader only daughter to dubai and he is wanted by tamilnadu police till now.

6. Girls’ One more cousin muslim girl whose going to get married soon with a converted Christian fisherman boy.

7. Girls’ side even though muslim most of them only intercast marriage from so many years.

8. Girl’s own aunty daughter divorced and living with non-muslim boy.


Dear fellow tamilians please go through and forward it, so that some people seeing this get changed, and save our community culture, tamilian vision and our future generation.

Just because they have money and western influence they should not destroy the national pride Which is Lord Rama had only one wife Lord Seetha. Our generation should lead a life like Rama and Seetha in a civilized cultured manner.Let the Lord save our fellow tamilians.

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